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Inside An English Concertina

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Hoping to get more information on an instrument with an "S. C. Taylor" label, I concluded that others would have a much clearer "picture" of the details if I posted photos, rather than just trying to describe things. Once I got started, I decided to be comprehensive about it.


I've set up a web page with (so far) 44 photos and a few comments. While a few of the details (e.g., the fulcrum posts) may be slightly different from the usual, I think that if anyone wants to get a good idea of basic concertina construction, they might want to take a look.


The main page contains small, but not thumbnail-small copies of each of the larger (between 100-650 Kb) photos, which you can click on individually to get the larger, higher-resolution photos. So although there are about 14 Mb of photos, the initial page is "only" about 380 Kb.


Don't set links to this page. At the moment it is not my plan to make this a permanent feature, and it will probably disappear in a couple of weeks. And if it does become permanent, it would be at a different URL, with no forwarding from the old one.


So where is this page? Here.

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Nice photos, Jim.


The staple over the reed is quite a common repair technique to prevent the reed striking the first bellows fold, especially when the bellows are almost closed. Some instruments I have seen have lots of them, and usually it is because of the hexagonal box which has caused the first bellows fold to fold back under the bellows frame to some degree.


I'm sure I've seen an early Crabb with that mechanism. Labelled Nickold & Crabb I think. Got to get that top label off.... B)


Malcolm Clapp

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