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Anglos for Sale -


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As we know, some time ago a collection of anglos came up for sale and members here were asked to reply and it was requested that prices etc be kept confidential( secret) or whatever and we were told that collectors were not welcome to bid

I replied asking for details etc and never received a reply. I followed it up with the member who advertised and was given another mail address to write to, which I did. In the meantime, Marien, and fair dues to him, although it did seem strange considering we were all suppose to start from a equal footing, managed to buy the Wheatstone, and duly listed great info on the concertinas here. I eventually received the details from what turned out to be the brother of the recently deceased owner, and immediately said I would buy one of the concertinas and asked was there a bit of bargaining room. I emphasised that I would defintely buy it and asked not he not sell it anyone else.This was obviously a bit naive and prresumptious.

Well now after a long wait for a reply, it appears that the concertinas have been sold " as a collection" to a family friend. I see .Whilst I know s**t happens and it's a free market etc etc, I am absolutely disgusted !No one's fault here, just getting it off my chest.

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