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New Map Of C.net Players

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As promised, here is a more complete map of concertina.net members. 277/810 registered members at the time of the survey (now 309/934) indicated either their location or their type of concertina and are included on the map. The distributions are:


Anglo only mentioned: 158

English only: 84

Duet only: 19

Anglo+English: 25

Anglo+Duet: 7

English+Duet: 4

All three types: 5

type not given: 11


US players: 158

UK players: 76

Australia: 12

Belgium: 2

Canada: 12

France: 5

Germany: 6

Italy: 2

Japan: 2

Netherlands: 6

New Zealand: 2

Norway: 2

Poland: 1

South Africa: 5

Spain: 2

Sweden: 2

Switzerland: 2

Denmark: 2

Ireland: 3

no country listed: 24


The color codes for concertina types appear next to the concertina fish, along with the number of members for each type not listing a country at all. Members listing a country, but no more precise location, are placed in the Australian outback, Hudson Bay, St. George’s Channel, or in the middle of their countries, for concertina-sparse countries. There are undoubtedly some errors on my part. Three members living in two locations each received half dots in both locations.


Anyone entertaining specific hypotheses about the distribution of concertina types should note that these points are probably a tiny subset of concertina players. Statistics are almost always inferior to careful observation. It’s rumored that there are players in Ireland proficient on the Anglo.


last updated 12/01/2005.

Sorry, I am no longer updating this map.


Edited by Stephen Mills
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This is great - thanks for all the hard work.


Now....how do we get folks to identify themselves, at least by State/Providence/County/Country, something - I know at least a dozen players live in CT, USA, and I fear I'm the red dot in the center!




Thanks again for the World Tour!

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You Know, I was one of the first to bring this up in a previous thread after the change-over. Many people responded, and someone even mentioned that they added it to their signature. I too find it unfortunate when I want to know where someone is from and cannot determine it from their log-on.


It may be too intrusive, but what do people think of directly e-mailing someone you wish to know where they are from and requesting they fill out that part of their profile? Is it too rude? I'm just not sure what else one can do.

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I'm just not sure what else one can do.

Maybe one can't. Maybe they don't want us to know. (Maybe they're afraid we'll come steal their instruments?) :unsure:


I checked out those names beginning with Paul: Out of 10, only one listed a location... and it was not our fearless leader. :o Ken's were split down the middle with 1 (this time C.net's engineer) out of 2. Jim's did only slightly better, with 5 out of 9 (enough to win an election, though).


Bob's? 0 out of 3. Not even Bob Tedrow, who lists for us his birthdate, and a URL to a web site that gives his street address. But his C.net member info doesn't even give a country. Hmm.


Well, I'm not going to go through all 481 current members, but I am curious about some of the dots. E.g., there's an orange dot in Switzerland. I can only think of one concertina player in Switzerland, and (1) his C.net member info doesn't say he's from there, but (2) as far as I know, the only concertina he plays is the English. So who's this other one? (Once again, I wish it were possible to search the member list by things like location and interests, not just name and "member type". :( )

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E.g., there's an orange dot in Switzerland.  I can only think of one concertina player in Switzerland, and (1) his C.net member info doesn't say he's from there, but (2) as far as I know, the only concertina he plays is the English.  So who's this other one?


I did some research and found: Reto Werdenberg with quite a collection as you can see in his only message up till now.


I completely agree with you that we also should be able to search the member by intersting criteria like location.





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Looking at the map, we really are lucky to have so many players in the home of concertinas, England, with, apart from London, two big provincial groupings around Bristol and around South/West Yorkshire. Well done to all those involved in bringing (and keeping) everyone together in those two groups.

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...why do all the other concertina players in Ireland seem to be trying to get away from [Dublin]? (Have they all taken to playing sea shanties, somewhere off the coast of Cork/Waterford ?)

I think they're taking their curraghs around for the Dingle Regatta.


At the rate they're going, they just might make it by August. :unsure:

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As a result of searching the www, I found some additional material for your map.

Have a look at this listing!

Although there are some familiar names in it, this list might be usefull for you.


How did I get there? I saw that Jody Kruskal is the latest new member of CNet. As this name did ring a bell somewhere in my head, I did a search on Jody Kruskal with Google and found Jody and a lot of interesting stuff!


I hope you can use it Stephen and a warm welcome to Jody!



(corrected a typo)

Edited by Henk van Aalten
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The three anglo players and half an English player shown in Western Scotland (together with the availability of cheap flights to a couple of local airports) give me hope that when the Arran Concertina Experience comes into being ( :rolleyes: ) it will be well attended. I may even get a chance to meet the anglo player on the next island up the Clyde (although we are in the same stretch of water the only way we could visit each other involves two ferry trips and a drive up the Clyde coast - not exactly a day trip!).


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What do you play?

Well I used to play a bit on the English, but I don't even have one that is playable at the moment, I have aspirations to learn the anglo when I move to live in Co. Clare, in a few weeks time, but at the moment I make rather a lot of noise on a Cajun accordion. So what colour dot does that lot require ?


By the way, you had better have a hard look at your map, to find Kilrush (it's on the north side of the Shannon Estuary), as that is where I will soon be living !


P.S. I know I'm not the only C.net user who lives in Dublin (or in Ireland for that matter), but the rest of them must be shy !

Edited by Stephen Chambers
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