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Lazy Sunday Afternoon

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On a horrid day like today, freezing cold and showery, you can only do so much concertina playing. Odd what people get up to when they are at a loose end isn't it?




Contrary, on a beautiful sunny day like this, one must rush kids to the beach, to the park, to see the sunset, to waterfront, because in a capricious city like ours, the weather may not be so friendly for long.

With all of the above:

One kid to swimming lesson, short picnic on the Bay, piano lesson for one, piano lesson for another, tidying up for tomorrow's visit of an old friend, massage session to practice, shopping for grandmother, shopping for another, older kid - homework, younger kid - homework, reading, Math, out to the park (it's good for her), dishes, cooking, cooking lunch for both kids on Monday,

laundries, shopping for Insurance --- familiar?

Some play concertinas, I heard.

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Some play concertinas, I heard.

I've had about eight sessions today probably totalling two and half hours or more. Even got the guitar out for another half hour or so. I decide that the label wasn't too legible, wrong font.



Well just wait until lunchtime tomorrow...I'll have a rival label for you. :)

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As it's a glorious day, i.e. not raining sideways, I'm going to go lay in a good stout mash for a pale ale.


" It's made from Manny's water. In Manny's back yard. When Manny's not home!"


It's dry enough to take the little 20-b. A tune and a pint. What a lovely thought.




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Hardly any concertina-ing yesterday. The St Andrew's ceilidh on Saturday was faaaaaaaantastic, only complaint is that it finished far too early. These French people just can't take it! :) Home by 1am, then went to a friend's 40th for a couple of hours. Afternoon was spent moving that huge pile of logs AGAIN, after a change of plan.


Nice day weatherwise, sunny, but COLD. Will all you lot please keep your cold winds to yourselves? We don't want them.


Just 5 mins helping Mr Ishtar get to grips with some tricky guitar chords in Loguivy de la Mer: http://www.emusic.com/album/Chants-De-Mari...d/11296533.html Track number 7, do you think that accordion accompaniment is doable on an English?

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Yesterday it was bright sun and colder than a well-diggers arse at 19 degrees F. Equitation lesson for daughter Camille at 10:00. I play concertina in the heated observation shed until called to serve as groom. The horses are a bit nippy when it's that cold. Came close to having a chunck bitten out of my large behind I did. :o Amazing how fast a portly gent can move at the flash of teeth...


Cookin' stir-fry for lunch


Rehearsal with Obi's Boys that evening. The house was toasty, Dominique had made lots of goodies and brewed up a nice pot of South African tea (red color, almost sweet). Obi was very happy his boys were making music. Dominique pulled out her fiddle and played Ashogan Fairwell with us and then did back-up accompaniment as we did a few standards for her. Obi got so animated that he started circling the group wiggling, and at one point tried to dive in between the bass fiddle and Tommy's right leg. Got stuck and kept shovin' until Tommy relented. Daft beast.


Obi slept under the covers with us. Actually a pretty fair portable heater, except he gets overheated and broaches like a whale coming up for air.

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