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A New Source For Concertina Cases

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I just found an unexpected source for hexagonal cases for concertinas: the religious supplies store at Westminster Cathedral (Roman Catholic) in London. They sell "chalice cases" (the cash register receipt says "portacalice" in italian) which are ideal to fit a 46-key or 57-key duet or any other hexagonal concertina of similar size. Presumably other religious-supplies dealers handle similar cases.


Large size is 18cm (7 inches) across from flat to flat and 28cm (11 inches) long, inside measures. The case is rigid black plastic, with latch and handle; plenty strong enough to carry an instrument around, but not for standing on (and not for shipping). The inside is lined in bright red velveteen. As with other cases, some sort of blocking would need to be fitted to compress a specific instrument. Cost is 22 pounds sterling.


(There is also a smaller size with inside measure 15cm across by 21cm long--but that size is too small to hold a 46-key Maccann Duet.)


The photograph attached shows how a 57-key Jeffries Maccann Duet fits the case perfectly, as though it had been custom-made.


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