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Mayfair anglo on ebay

Paul Groff

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To anyone interested in bidding on a Mayfair anglo currently on ebay, I am very sorry to have to inform you that this instrument has never been paid for for by the seller, who bought it from me several years ago and promised to pay over time. As I often did in those days, I also spent hours giving him free lessons. I have emails from him, both old and new, as proof and will forward them to any party that may need this. Since he lived in another state from my shop and the money involved was less than legal fees, I never took him to court. But this shameful behavior is evidence that current bidders should also be very wary of the seller's ethics. He has just offered to "settle with me when he sells the instrument." So (if I were to trust him) I guess it would be in my interest not to make this public warning. But I would feel pretty bad if another person suffers a loss by dealing with this person.


Paul Groff

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Is it the one I posted earlier today?




The ebay seller of this concertina is well aware that he is in the wrong here and knows who he is.


Anyone considering bidding on it is welcome to email me for further information (groff (at) bio (dot) miami (d0t) edu).



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