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Lost Articles On Concertina.net

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A recent post in the General Discussion area led me to the discovery that a detailed article by Randy Merris about 2 years ago is not linked from the Home page or the Learning page (the article was a study of the books by DeVille and Kail). I found it by checking all the files on the Server, and it seems we Admins need to make a thorough inventory to see if anything else in there was not permanently linked somewhere logical. So, if you know we had an article here in the past (especially if you wrote it!) but you can't find a link for it now (and you really have looked), let me or Paul know by email or post it here. Thanks!




Edited to add this note: Actually, email is best. Trying to reply here (on the Official Notices forum) puts your note in a queue where it sits until we happen to check it, so it can get lost.

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