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Recordings Up On My Site

stuart estell

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Hello folks,


I've completely changed round my "Anarchy In The Cotswolds" website. Out with the dodgy morris arrangements of punk songs, and in with, er, dodgy performances of alternative rock songs. Involving concertinas :o


So far, I've done "You Trip Me Up" by the Jesus & Mary Chain, "Girlfriend in a Coma" by The Smiths, and "I'll Be Your Mirror" by the Velvet Underground, so I thought I'd share, if anyone's curious...


They're here: http://www.anarchyinthecotswolds.co.uk



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KUDOS! I just gave the three tunes a listen, and especially enjoyed "Girlfriend in a Coma." Who would have thought it was possible to play this on concertina? Very nice.



Cheers! :D


I tried recording Anarchy In The UK in a similar rhythm to the original, but it didn't sound very good. Am going to have another go at it, with a folkier feel :)

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I've just added three more songs: "Love Will Tear Us Apart", another Smiths song, and "Say Hello, Wave Goodbye" by Soft Cell. The latter two are a bit crackly - I'll see if I can sort that out tomorrow.


Again three "eye-openers" fo me! I have put them on the links page and it inspires me to have a look at pop-songs from my time. How about "I can't get no satisfaction"??? Maybe I could manage playing after some time... but my voice :(


Keep on recording!


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thank you for the nice present you have given to most of us right for the Eater time.


I have to work and make my living, so I could not listen to al your songs

But tomorrow will be here a fiest, I shall be nevertheless be working, but in between I am already expecting to listen to your playing.


Someday I shall try to learn to do it in a simialr way.

I am already trying, but still far way.


Thank you for the enjoyument and enriching contiuition to this formy.




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