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German Concertinatreffen 2009


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After the sad death of Mario we concertina players in Germany have to decide what to do in future. To discuss our options Ewald has established a new forum on concertina.de. All players interested in informations about the next concertina weekend are invited to register.


Allthough the language of the forum will be german nobody will mind posts in english.



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With new bookings coming in every day we have only few places left for the concertina-weekend. You find all informations about the event on www. concertina.de. Or just send me a PM. Transport from Hamburg, Hannover.... can be arranged.

There will be about 30 irish session musicians in the Proitzer Mühle plus 30 concertina players of all types and musical styles.

If you think about joining us don't forget your earplugs.



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Hi, out there...


it would be great to see some new faces at the Germen concertina meeting! It's now confirmed that Rainer Süssmilch and Juliette Daum ( both featured on the English International CDs ) will be teaching workshops for the EC - and we all speak English! There will be classes for English, Anglo and German concertina and Jürgen Suttner will run a concertina hospital. We expect well over 30 sqeezers ( plus some 30 Irish session maniacs at a parallel affair ).


So book soon with Nils. However there is always the option to sleep on one of our many matrasses, if the rooms are booked out! And there are more rooms at our second house a few miles away.


For questions about www.proitzer-muehle.de or how to get there contact me directly!


And see www.concertina.de! There is even some English...


Hope to see you all!!



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This is the weekend of Friday 20th March to Sunday 22nd March.


Price 100 euros Plus, plus


Edited to add that the good news is that it shouldn't clash with the SSI this year.

It's the SSI's 10th. event.




Should be good

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