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Scandinavian Squeeze-in 2004

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With sincere apologies for the delay -- we had a few uncertainties to resolve, but they are now resolved -- here is the official invitation to this year's Scandinavian Squeeze-In.

Dear concertina lovers -


for the fifth time in history we are able to present the


Scandinavian Squeeze-In


in Torna Hallestad in southern Sweden


the 23rd to 25th of April 2004!



As before, this will be a weekend of music sharing and fun.  In it's informal format, this concertina weekend becomes what we who are there make of it.  This has been a great success so far, and this year the chances are as big as ever.  This promises an inspiring concertina experience!



If you want to read the program and other details, as well as see  pictures of earlier events, have a look at  http://www.concertina.se/ssi/.



You are also welcome with any questions to ssi@concertina.se


Please note that we need your booking by the 1st of April.





Jim Lucas, Louise Lundberg and Pontus Thuvesson.

Meanwhile, Pontus has created our new web site on his own domain: concertina.se.


For a more detailed description of the spirit and flow of these weekends, check out the links to the pages from previous years' SSIs.


Of course, this announcement isn't entirely out of the blue, since over the past year I've made numerous mentions of the SSI and even stated the time and place (which have been quite certain, since we booked the house immediately after last year's SSI. Some of you have even contacted us, already.

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Please note that we need your booking by the 1st of April.

A note to say that we still have some unfilled spaces, so we're still accepting reservations.


For the English, I should point out that there are some quite cheap flights on Ryanair between Stansted and Malmö (our local airport). If you stay on to return Monday night, the flight back is 1 penny... plus £11.38 in taxes and charges is still only £11.39. A flight over on Friday morning is £14.99+13.90, but on Thursday morning it's £0.01+8.99, so the round-trip air fare could be as low as £20.39.


So think about it... but don't wait too long.

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