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OK, back to the subject.

I recommend the rougeless polishing cloth, #70-404, for the metal ends.



However I have also used a "Shino" POLISHING CLOTH.



For leather according to some, you cannot beat "English Shoe Cream"


But you have to be careful not to get any on the bellows papers.


For unfinished wood I have tried:



Windex is reasonably gentle for lacquered surfaces.




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Also how come the batter and catcher don't have shadows. Maybe they're vampires.

Sorry I had to get all scientific on ya. :P


Dr. Bones,


To be quite scientific about it, the players are batsman and wicket keeper, respectively. And the non-playing participants in cricket are umpires, not vampires.




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You can tell it's photoshopped because the original picture appears in the immediate previous post.


Once again, sheer logic wins out over intelligent deduction. That's why Mr. Spock saved Cap'n Kirk's butt in every episode.

"Live long and perspire. " :P

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