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English Concertina On Npr

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I don't believe Jeff is a regular here...not sure he's even a member. Originally I associate him with songs (his parents were among the most important American song collectors of the 20th century, Frank and Anne Warner (not sure of spelling)) and accompanies himself on banjo and guitar a lot. I love his baritone Edeophone playing. He was pretty regular at Tom Hall's Friday night session in Portsmouth, New Hampshire (how I miss it, wish I were there now) back when I lived in that area four years ago. And last I know he was an organizer and performer at the Portsmouth Maritime festival, which is coming up later this month.


Tom Hall may check in here sometime and tell us more.



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Jeff is still a regular at the Friday night sessions, and will be at this years Maritime Fest. If you go to the website:




and go to the performers page, you can scroll down to Jeff and click on his website, get his schedule, bio, etc., and get links to some fine archived radio broadcasts.


We miss you Ken - Tom

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I saw Jeff Warner when he was on the programme at Chippenham (Wiltshire, U.K.) festival earlier this year. While he was a good concertina player, my main memory of him is telling the fairy tale of Beeping Sleauty, or Sleeping Beauty told entirely in Spoonerism! Hilarious.


- John Wild

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