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If I Wanted To Customize My Concertina


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If to talk seriously, your Morelli will not look awesome no matter what. There are lots of details that sell out it's imprecision, be it's bellows red or covered with diamonds. Having said that, I think that if the marker is based on alcohol, it shouldn't damage paper or cardboard, if used sparingly.

So perhaps marker idea is the best out there, if you don't mind the work.


Heh, well I understand the Morelli is a far far cry from a legitimate performance instrument, but for learning the basics of operation it beats a 400+ investment for a college student.


Since this reply, I've got all the bellows flaps colored a deep red and have used my dremel tool to inlay a diamond cut edge on the ends.


I've given it the nickname "Dreadbellows", and so far can play twinkle twinkle little star, and a pirate shanty :).

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Forget wisdom, your design is cool. Life is short. Have some fun and Go for it!




I know its a 'cheap' one but I was thinking I'd love to customize it by painting a design on it (I erm..customize my clothes quite a lot). Is this wise? And if it is would acrillic paint be ok?

Its only the wood bit I want to paint.


This is the graphic I was thinking of



I thought it might make it easily identifiable as mine.

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Although it's still a work in process... I wanted to reopen the treble side(there was heavy wooden bracing underneath) and still use the old repair materials. If I wanted to, I could always re-do it in a more traditional manner with new materials.



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