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Sebastopol Celtic Festival Set. 19th-21st


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The 14th Annual Sebastopol Celtic/world music festival will be kickign off on Sept 19th. Concertinas don't show up very often, though I have seen people carrying them around. I brought mine last year but didn't play a note outside my motel room.


John Williams of Anglo and button accordion fame played a few years ago, the website has more details of who will eb there this year:




If you can get your tickets early (too late this year) they have group rates for staying at the Holiday Inn express, I'm staying in Rohnert Park just a few miles south of Santa Rosa (its considerably cheaper per night, and probably safer than the Motel 6's down "Prostitution Ln" in Santa Rosa.


In fact last time I satyed at Motel 6, was the LAST time I stayed at the Motel 6 in Santa Rosa, nothing wrong with the motel but I know just enough Spanish to look elsewhere for lodging.

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Concertinas don't show up very often, though I have seen people carrying them around.


Cool! -I'm playing at this.


Come and say hi. It's my first time in California. :)



will you be at the session tent or on stage?

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No idea.


-Just checked your link there. We're on the saturday night concert and the sunday daytime according to the site - I play with Slide btw


Another trip to the states so soon. Good for you boys. To bad you will be on the other side of the continent for NESI.




P.S. If they bring anymore of the flying pig shirts, be sure to get one.

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Concertina report from the Sebastopol Celtic Festival:


Well, not alot to report on the tina front.


The band "Side" had a concertina, looked like an anglo, although the player had his arm in sling! (sorry, too dark for photos). The fiddle player in slide was quite animated.



There was a booth with concertinas, all english, at what I might be polite to call "festival prices". I talked to the owner, he didn't retune his boxes. Most looked un-restored but I did not venture to try one due to the festival price tag.


This same seller had many mandolins, also at festival prices, though a few were down in the eBay range.



A button accordion popped up in "Chulain's Hounds" - this band was like an Irish cow-punk band: the box player was a young woman getting down and dirty with the box.


But the festival stealer was "La Musgana": box player had a piano accordion, and they also featured prominently the Pipe and tabor. No concertina, but lots of great music, the Friday nigth concert was very good.


I didn't have the cash to spare for the special private concert with "Vasen", another great group I ha seen twice before at the festival.


Unfortunatly I did not get chance to photograph the Morris Dancers dancing in front of the porta-potties this year: last year I didn't bring my camera and missed out on a great shot of the Dancers surrounded by porta-johns.


Didn't even visit the session tent: I believe this is dying at the festival, they now have it so isolated its more trouble than its worth to pop in and watch the session.

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