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Television 'antiques' Programmes

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UK television is awash with programmes where members of the public have their antiques and curios valued or sell them at auction. On one of these, 'Cash in the Attic', where someone's house is turned upside down in search of things to sell, a 20 (horn) button, wooden ended, Lachenal anglo turned up. The 'expert' said that you could tell if it was a quality instrument if it made a different note on push/pull (!). It was sold at auction for £125. It was difficult to tell anything about the bellows quality or the tuning.


Has anyone else seen concertinas on these programmes. I have seen the occasional fiddle and even PAs but only the one 'tina.

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I guess I don't watch enough television. A couple of our concertinas have appeared on TV, though we haven't, at least in the UK. If anyone saw the edition of Local Heroes which did Charles Wheatston, the concertina Adam Hart-Davies "played" was Anne's baritone English, and the one without its end was my 40-key Dickinson anglo. We were just off screen watching the filming.



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A few years back, on the BBC's "Antiques Roadshow," someone brought in a very nice-looking Wheatsone Duet concertina with metal ends. The expert, Hilary Kay, valued it at 400 pounds, as I remember. There was no discussion of when it was made or number of keys, and so forth.


Tom Ryan

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