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Books, Etc., In Your Personal Library

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I'm gradually finding out what I've got around here. Making some basic lists, not totally descriptive but enough so I can figure it all out. So, far, I've got a list at




There's mostly music-related titles. Only in PDF for now, maybe something else later.


I don't particularly even read an awful lot, though I do look over most of what I have and pick out the parts I want to read or study.


I'm always a bit curious about what other people find worthy to keep on their shelves (or in a box somewhere!).


Anybody else got lists of books? Of CDs? Cassettes?

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:o What a great idea. I have to search through my house to locate my books as I am not as organized as you. I was curious, what are tangrams? I realize this is your art interest section and not your music, but the name intrigued me. Thanks.
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I'll attach a pic of a white paper tangram that's separated where the lines are drawn on the square.


The Tangram is an ancient Chinese puzzle. I never even heard of it until I found an old book about it one day about 10 years ago.


There is a popular game, Tangoes by Rex Games, that's presently sold in stores like World of Science. Rex Games has a web site, too.


Hmmm...where's the pic...I'll try that again...

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