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Nesi Almost Here!

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If I don't see you at NESI, we'll see you all Monday.

Greetings from the Squeeze-In.

Just found Alan. He came up behind me as I was typing. BTW, Ragtimer's my roommate this year. I just bought my copy of "English International." I don't know when I'll have a chance to listen to it.

Hi David. You were an ideal roommate -- didn't snore, came in quietly after I went to bed, got up after I'd showered, etc. Of course the weather was so fine, and so many good activities going on, neither of us spent much time in our room!


At the concert I showed why I'm called Ragtimer -- played a snippet of one of my ragtime compositions.


I didn't buy the ENglish Int'l CD -- instead, I bought an English! OK, a Jack, but I want to try my hands at the EC.


Played in the Orchestra, got some experience playing melody with my left hand on my Hayden Duet. I need to work on that a lot more.


Took a very informative workshop on playing old-timey tunes, from Jody Kruskal, and got re-acquainted with him.


Received some nice comments on my Bastari Hayden Duet 67-key bandoneon, and my home-built Hayden clavichord, which I exhibited in the barroom with hte other oddities. Oh yes, I sold a couple small accordions too.


Re-learned to contradance, met some great ladies. All in all, a fine NESI. Next year for sure!

--Mike K.

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