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Jordan Of Liverpool

David Helmore

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Exactly like the top but with 22 buttons rather than 20. Would 5131 date to mid 1860's?



Ah, you mean this one:




Or is it 6131? ;)


It's historically somewhat interesting, probably from the late 1860s, though the more-developed looking 28-key one in my second picture is actually very close to it in number (#5086), whilst the 20-key is several years earlier (#752). I put in a bid on it myself, but not very high as I was put off by the condition.

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Yes! - finished on ebay last sunday!! Serial number starts with 5 - checked inside as much as I could when it arrived on Thursday. You were right about the condition! Reeds are steel - am I right in thinking they would have been brass originally? The bellows have a rather 'unique' (!!) repair in that the two folds have been stuck and stitched together!.....The seller informed me that it had been donated by an elderly lady and it had been in her families attic since she was two. I still think it is great though! Looks good alongside the Jones I have from the same period. Will try and post some pics this afternoon



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Whilst fixing up the bellows and removing the bellows papers (it had papers stuck on papers), on the original under papers there was a dealer sticker attached. Does anyone know anything of:


T. Moore, Buxton Road, Huddersfield?


If anyone can help with a date they were operating I would be very interested!





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