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A Concertina For A Pennywhistler? (key Of D)

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PS BOF: English acronym meaning Boring Old Fart.


Thanks......I was wondering what BOF meant! :-)




To be used with extreme caution, as "Boff" is also slang for a boiled sweet and you wouldn't want to be caught out sucking a boff in the wrong context. :blink:

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Hey folks -


I've searched around the forum here, but haven't found a conclusive answer to a concern I have. If, in our group, we have pennywhistle players, and they're in the key of D, wouldn't that pretty much require a concertina in the same key? Most of them seem to be in G. I've seen few conertina's in D for sale.


The background of this project is, I'm in a shanty band, and we're looking to add some instruments to our lineup, and while I'm pretty good at pennywhistle, you can't whistle and sing at the same time. I'm more than happy to spend a few hundred on a nice concertina and begin learning it, but if it sounds goofy with the whistle, why bother?


(and, so your forum advocates, I may go find a nice new Rochelle, unless some excellent wooden oldie shows up on eBay soon)


((and, who's to say we have to play the whistle and concertina at once. I certainly don't have enough hands for both! Maybe key is irrelevant))



I would say examine the systems, look at what you think will suit your neeeds, and just buy one good concertina, don't goof around with the low end junk, if you have decided you want to play a concertina then play a good one.


all you will EVER need is ONE good box, unless Concertina is your primary instrument, in which case you will never have enough.

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