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Survey Survey

How did you respond to the CSFRI survey on the subject of what kind you play?  

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A number of us on Concertina.net have claimed to play more than one kind of concertina, yet the results of Allan Atlas' CSFRI survey questionnaire indicate that no responders claimed to play more than one kind. Did none of us participate? (There are other indications that my own response was lost, but I have no reason to suspect that there was anything systematic about that.)


So I've set up this poll because I'm curious why none of us are represented in the CSFRI survey. Help me out?

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I've long been curious about those of you who play multiple kinds of concertina. Do you play all your styles on all your instruments, or find that you reserve one type for accompaniment, another type for single line playing, another for melody plus bass line, etc.? Perhaps as you respond, you might let us know a little about how you use your different kinds.


I'm not trying to hijack your survey, Jim. I hope people will be even more encouraged to participate. I play only Anglo, BTW, but will expand to another type this year, I believe.

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I took the CSFRI survey but it looked like my data wasn't included either as the results had "no respondees from Massachusetts", so count me as another person who's response was lost.

I saw that. Maybe we need a separate poll to ask who:

..1) Didn't respond

..2) Responded, and is sure their response was included (would need to have contained something unique)

..3) Responded, but can't really be sure (none of the answers were uniquely represented in the results)

..4) Responded, and is sure their response was not included (again, a uniqueness requirement)


........ ?

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