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Wanted: 40 Button Bastari Pictures

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Dave Elliot's "Concertina Maintenance" book is great for the "greater" instruments, e.g. Wheatstones, Jeffries, etc., but for "lesser" ones leaves something to be dsired.

Therefore I'm considering putting one together for Bastaris (Stagis), even Scholers. However I no longer have my 40 button Bastari, and need some pictures of the action and reed "pan".

Also of Bastari Englishes, must not leave them out!. Any help would be appreciated.



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The inside of the Stagi Hayden is an interesting twist also, as David B. and Rich M. can confirm. A photo of that would be an interesting contribution also.


Good on ya, as we all see about once a week a new player posts here wanting to know how to fix something, so there is a batch of potential readers out there.


I should mention that three drafts by Geo on various topics are finally up. I'll get them linked and announced later today.

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:D :D Geo, :D


I own a 40 button G/D Bastari and shall try to prepare fotos and mail to you if you allow.


Thank you for your efforts writing thes repair advices for the Stagis.


I recommend to contact Bob TEdrow, who has some advices for this matter and once had in his wb an article witing about upgrading Stagis. I could not find it today. But he should certainly have a copy.


I use to be in contact with Piero Stagi and hope to meet him next at Frankfiurts Music Trade Fair and could speak with for more photos and better photos. If you allow, that I try this.


It would be a pleasure to cpontribute in some degree to your initiative, for which I thank you once more.


As soon I have your conformity, I shall contact Mr. Stagi.


Kind regards

Joachium Delp

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