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good day...I am 57 years old and want to play the consetina...specially boere musiek...I have scholer consetina...where will I be able to get a beginner's manual...any help or advise wiĺl be greatly appreciated...

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On 8/12/2008 at 9:57 PM, ben said:

Welcome to the world of boer music. There are certian designations used by boer music players to differentiate what type of style of music and tempo is to be used during a song or dance such as "setees" (a Scottish style of music), "vastrap" faster paced music, mazurkas, polkas, waltzes. There is also the old fashioned traditional music and then modern/pop/country style music.


Most boer music players play by ear and there is no sheet music to my knowledge. I am in possesion of "lessons" with charts and diagrams of concertina layouts showing you which notes to pull and to pull during the course of a boer music song. Boer music players love anglo concertinas and use all three rows of buttons during any particular song. With the popular 40 button Wheatstone anglo one can play in all the twelve musical keys.


Hello Mias,,,,,,,,,,,What Ben said above is still basically true.  

You could receive better assistance if you state your country of residence.

Cheers, Zak.

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