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If I were being pedantic I would say that he had spotted the first G/D of spring etc, but that he was not the first to spot it!!

I've never seen a spotted concertina before. I'm not sure I'd want you to spot mine. Where did you say the pictures are? ;)

Come to think of it, is it actualy spring yet? I know the Daffs are up, but is it officially spring ?
Not in Australia, that's for sure.


And I heard that Punxatawney Phil saw his shadow, so I guess not in America, either.

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And I heard that Punxatawney Phil saw his shadow, so I guess not in America, either.

An old (by American standards, of course) superstition is that if the groundhog (a large, burrowing rodent, also known as a "woodchuck") doesn't see his shadow on "Groundhog Day" (i.e., if it's overcast), then winter is over, but if he does see his shadow, winter will continue for several more weeks. (I don't remember the exact day or number of weeks, but you can Google "Groundhog Day"; I'm too lazy.)


Somewhere along the way, the town of Punxatawney, Pennsylvania and "their" groundhog, "Phil", became established the focal point for national media broadcasting the event of a groundhog leaving his burrow and people observing whether he had a shadow. (This has been going on for far longer than any single groundhog's lifetime, but hey....)

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Six weeks. It's SIX more weeks of winter if he sees his shadow.


I know. I have been counting the weeks 'til Spring.


Hey, whatever works. It's warm today. FINALLY. See it works. Two more weeks and we're done with winter. Just P.Phil, the groundhog weather predictor extradinaire.



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Well, I guess in England we say: if it's stopped being cold, wet, and horrible for a little while, then Winter's about to start again.

The one I heard was about a different English season:

..."Lovely summer we had this year, yes?"

..."Oh yes, both days of it!"


Or the Irish version:

..."Y'know, you really should come visit us this summer... I think it's a Tuesday this year."


Here in Denmark we joke about having only two seasons: the white winter,... and the green winter.

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Or summer in Maine. . . The Rain In Maine is definitely a Pain. Not to mention the tiny hard-biting insect called the Black Fly that makes the months of May and June almost intolerable. . . it looks nice outside but if you go out you will be bloodied!

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............In Somerset,England,standing on the Quantock hills looking over the Bristol channel to Wales,people would say......if you can see Wales, it'll rain in half an hour,if you can't see Wales,it's raining already ! !



I didn't creep this thread...someone else did...... :P

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I use to have that view across the Bristol Channel when I lived in Watchet.

When I lived on the Gower peninsula, at the other side where the weather was more changeable, the advice was "If you don't like the weather just wait ten minutes."


Robin Madge

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