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Slide At The Dublin (oh) Irish Festival

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I told Aogan I would write up their performances on Saturday at the festival, so hear goes:


I caught both of their scheduled performances on Saturday. Both set lists were similar with a few different pieces in each, though I don't think it mattered as they seemed to have different attendees at each. Aogon was great on the concertina, as were the rest of the boys. The whole group played with a lot of energy, especially their fiddle player, Daire Bracken. Personally, I enjoyed the traditional pieces more than the modern pieces, but everything was well done. I also was impressed with the way fiddle and the concertina blended together on several pieces. Just to let the boys know in Ireland, they were the talk of the festival. At the performance of Aisling, Sunday at noon, Andi Wolfe told people to go see them, not realizing they were already heading back to Ireland. I heard several more excited conversations throughout the day on sunday. You made a good impression here in Ohio, and folks are excited to see you back here in the future.



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Thanks Alan, we had a great time. Before going out, and before arriving there, I had no idea how big the festival was, and I must say I came away very impressed indeed. I wish Dublin Irl could organise something like it :(


Nice to meet you there and the other forumers too, Randy, and Gray who gave me a go of his absolutely breath-taking D/A wheatstone. What a fabulous instrument, and a lovely key for a concertina too.

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