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Just Saying Hi, Since I Am Now 'unplugged'

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Hi, all, just a quick hello to let you know I haven't forgotten you, but, my computer died and I've even been a bit gleeful to lose it (sorry....). I really kinda like being unplugged.


Anyway, my husband's computer couldn't live without the other, so...that one left, too. (I'm using my mother's for this).


Eventually, we will probably get connected again and all that, with ONE computer, NOT IN MY SPACE, THOUGH....hubby will have it....and, then I'll probably be back around.


If not, then, well, when the weather is nicer and you can get through the ice, snow, mud, etc. that is in front of my house, I do have a PT (high tech for 'picnic table') outside and I will be logging on to it. So, you will find me there.


Anyway...still trying to play my concertina, with sore fingers.


Later... ;)

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Super to hear from you.


Yes it can be nice to be nonelectronic. Well maybe not for some, but being out of touch can be like a vacation.


Yet I really like "talking" with everyone. Wondered if you had taken being a bag balmer to heart and left us for an exciting new career.



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