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Something For The Weekend?

Pete Dunk

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Wow Pete, what a great tune! I really like it. Evan Maguire, and a sweetly sad story too!


ABC is such a functional format. Seeing the dots/chords in staff notation, plus the ability to play the tune back (melody only) with audio in various tempos, all in one easy package. I use EasyABC as my go-to ABC app.


After playing along to your excelant tune for a few dozen times though, I found myself straying from your chord choices. How keen are you on your published chords? I found myself experimenting with a few different bass lines and contrasting harmony that... to my ear, seemed to enhance and support the tune rather nicely, yet somewhat differing from yours.


Perhaps it is one of those tunes that lend themselves to multiple harmonic interpretations?

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Hi Jody, I'm really pleased you like the tune, thank you. I'm not at all precious about the arrangement as written, the chords were added to suit the D/G melodeon player in the morris side. Please feel free to change the chords and/or arrange in anyway you see fit, I can't wait to see what you do with it!

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Here's a great tune I've just transcribed from a mid-19th-century manuscript, the change of key adds a lot of interest.

T:Feathers. Roose. 0616, The
|:D|G2G G2g|gfe d3|c2B A2G|FGA D3|
G2G G2g|gfe d2c|BAG DGF|G3G,2:|
|:D|D2D D2d|dcB c2A|D2D D2d|cBA B2G|
G2G G2g|gfe d2c|BAG DGF|G3G,2:|
BAB G2A|BAB G2d|dcB AGF|G3G,2:|

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13 hours ago, Pete Dunk said:

Here's a great tune I've just transcribed from a mid-19th-century manuscript, the change of key adds a lot of interest...


There's a version in Aird's Airs, vol 3, but the transcription I've seen doesn't have those low Gs at the end of the

A and B music, and the whole thing is in G, so those Bs in the C music are not flattened. (Does that make sense?)


It's also no. 17 in 80 English Dance Tunes (compiled by Nick Barber). I think I have it somewhere under another

title, but I can't remember t'other title, and have failed to find it so far ? ...

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There I was minding my own business, when a half written tune from some time ago popped into my head and I've now completed it. I'm fairly happy with it but there is a bit in the B music that I can't seem to get any better than it is. All comments/suggestions are welcome. There's a midi generated mp3 file to listen to which gives a reasonable guide to the tune, if a little wooden. ABC is included and PDF attached.


St.Mary in the Marsh Reel - mp3



T:St.Mary in the Marsh Reel, The
C:Pete Dunk. October 2019
%%titlefont Helvetica, 22
%%subtitlefont Helvetica,16
%%composerfont Helvetica
%%partsfont Arial, 20
%%gchordfont Arial, 16
%%barnumbers 1
%%MIDI program 73 % flute
%%MIDI chordprog 1 % piano
V:1 gchord=down
|:"G"D2 DG .B2B2|"C".c2c2 "D"A4|D3 F .A2A2|AGAB "G"G4|
"G"D3 G .B2B2|"C".c2 cc "D"A4|D2 DF A2"C"c2|"G"BAGF "G/D"G4:|
|:"G"B2G2 BddB|"C"A2A2 "Em"AGED|"C"EAA2 AGAB|cB"D"AG ED"G"GA|
"G"B2G2 BddB|"C"A2A2 E2AG|EGAB "Am7"cBGE|"D"AGFA "G"G4:|



St.Mary in the Marsh Reel.pdf

Edited by Pete Dunk
The tune has been rewitten slightly, please download abc, PDF and mp3 again.
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