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Warning: Purchase Scam/fraud

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If I’m the seller I’d rather put the item on eBay so that the buyer can buy it from there. Yes there are some ebay and paypal fees, but it’s a safer way in my opinion since eBay protects both the seller and buyer. Same thing if I’m the buyer; I’d ask the seller to put the item up on eBay. I’d rather do that than being a victim of a scam to be fair. 

In terms of shipping, I use parcelmonkey.co.uk to book a service, they provide many services (royal mail, parcelforce, DHL, dpd...)at a cheap prices. I always used that and never had any trouble, at least in the UK.

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On 5/10/2016 at 9:00 PM, Peter Laban said:

Paypal is scammable to an extend bu if you empty your account as soon as funds arrive you should be safe enough.


Not completely true as your account can be set negative by paypal ... paypal claims the rights to do so in case of a dispute and/or claim from the other party. Only after proper arbitraging you will get your money after all.


F.i. some fraudeur buys an expensive camera, removes an expensive internal part, and starts a claim that it is not as promised and sent as defect. The fraudulent 'buyer' claims his money back, which paypal does immediately, and the 'buyer' sends you the camera back registered.


It happened to me with an expensive electronic device, even after 'buyer' had signed and accepted the UPS shipment as being OK. This 'buyer' claimed afterwards that the unit was damaged, which it wasn't when sent; i even had taken photographs before shipping. The scam was kind of clever, as THROUGH Paypal i was offered a 20% off for 'repairs'. More or less advised as such by paypal i finally accepted this to avoid the risk of getting a defective and unsalable unit back.


Also paypal's fees are quite high, in most cases 3.5%. For an expensive item IMO just too much.

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On 5/10/2016 at 7:59 PM, nicx66 said:

i would say paypal is the safest for both parties, buyer and seller. I have used Amazon Payments before at a sellers request, as I think it gave him a better rate than paypal, with no problems.


I have had 4 conflicts with paypal recently. 2 examples:


1) as buyer on eBay i bought official looking but later appeared to be counterfeit-pirated software.

I claimed after an eBay obliged useless discussion with the seller.

Ebay then told me file a claim with paypal.


To my surprise paypal closed the case in favor of the fraudulent seller without further comments or follow up correspondence possible.


I was lucky VISA stepped in on my request as the claim procedure was within the EU and paypal was paid via VISA.

So after 3 months of sh*t with paypal they were forced to pay me back.

Seems Paypal's interest is only that they keep their provision.


2) as seller i sold an antique synthesizer. delivered OK, buyer was really happy with it and posted 100% about the deal on Ebay. But that sh*t paypal kept my money for over 3 weeks after the shipment was done. 

Even the buyer mailed paypal to release my money. No way.



Paypal was reliable though expensive 3 years ago, now they are expensive still and not to be trusted.


A general tip on more reliable deals might be:

Pay (or get paid) via a Mastercard or VISA through WISE (transferwise) or Instarem bank transfers.

Exchange rates and costs are really fair, money transfer  speed is usually about 1 to 2 days.


Drawback is as buyer that you don't have any control about promised quality of something you bought.

You still need to suss out about the person you're buying from, but with a real fraud you might be protected via your credit card. I asked VISA but i think the goods them selves are not covered, but only the money transfer itself sent.


IF ANYONE more experiences with this or even paypal alternatives: I am really curious!

I am no longer selling or buying stuff on eBay via paypal. They cannot be trusted.


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