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One Step Up

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as of about two hours ago, I am now the proud and ecstatic owner of one of Bob Tedrow's 30-button turbo Stagis from about 5 years back. I'm already in love!


The Hohner, sadly, did not survive six months of my daily playing. But it got me started, and I will always be grateful to the Beast.


The Stagi is such a huge step up from my poor little Hohner, and will last me until the upgrade of my dreams arrives. It sounds infinitely better, the action is better, I can reach the buttons because they're closer together, the bellows are like butter...I could go on and on...


I would also like to take this opportunity to say publicly that, after much research on my part, I can honestly say that Bob gave me an AWESOME deal on the Stagi, for which I am quite grateful. And quick service, too!


And to the very nice lady who owned this Stagi before trading it in on a Tedrow original, whoever and wherever you are: Thank you! I can tell that you loved this box very much, it is in such excellent condition. I will endeavor to give it equal quality care, as I love it already.



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