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Needing Metal Corner Covers

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I did not take your advice because I figured if the others were right and the Hohner turned out to be OK then I would have a nice inexpensive concertina to play. And if they were wrong I'd have a nice instrument to tare apart and learn how the thing works inside. I like working with my hands and repairing things. I also like building things like Penny Whistles, started playing them and it was not to long before I was making my own. I also made myself a diatonic harmonica. I bought the reeds and reed plate covers but made everything else including the reed plate and comb. Oh ya, I did not make the screws I put it together with. I bought those.


And yes I have already decided to start laying a few $ back to buy a good box. I wish there was some place I could try a few different boxes but no one around where I live sells concertinas.


Anyway my Hohner will not be a total loss. Because it will teach me a little bit about how a box works and who knows maybe I can even make into something worth playing. Got my doubts, but who knows. Stranger things have happened.

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