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Recommendation From Bob Tedrow

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I just noticed the pearl that Capt Salley has offered to us, in the buy and sell section, the entire collection of CONCERTINA AND SQUEEZEBOX on a disc.


I wish to tell those of you who were not around in the "old days" pre internet, and to remind those of you who were subscribers, what a wonderful publication C&S was. Edited with a comfortable breezy air and full of concertina information, each issue is a jewel.


In the mid eighties, I was very firmly convinced that I was the sole concertina player on the planet. "Discovering" Concertina and Squeezebox magazine in the early 90's was a blessing. When my issues arrived here at the shop, all work would stop until I had completed the first reading.


I am proud to say that I was the first and only winner of the C&S subscription drive, sending in around twenty new subscribers from Alabama alone.


Congratulations and good on yer George Salley, John Townely and Joel Cowan.



git yours today!


An unsolicited note of support from


Bob Tedrow

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:rolleyes: Oh yes,


I fired off an email to Geo the moment I read the offer in the Buy and Sell.


I've already gotten an answer from him.


I was thrilled to hear about C & S when I started to play and vastly disappointed to find out it was already stopped. So this is great.



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