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Ssi 2009

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Last guy can't remember his name.


That would be the (clearly not) unforgettable Gusten, standing right next to you.


Ooops ! Sorry Gusten :unsure:


But you know I have to sing, "Happy Birthday" to remember my own name.

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:blink: so that that where all the concertinas get to? Must've been a pretty good session with guitars, tin whistles, bohrans (any spelling incorrect?), concertinas, accordians... :o no flutes! :o oh my, must not forget the flutes.


Anyway, sounds like everyone had a great time, ;)





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Hey. Got some repair material from Dave Lees.

Well worth it.


Have given my, "Leaky Lachenal" a new lease of life.

Well lets face it. It really needed a lung transplant.


Quite pleased with the result. :rolleyes:

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