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Link For Samantha's Hayden Photos?

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As part of the first steps of a big reorganization of the Buyer's Guide, I'm nearly done updating the Hayden page. I'm just linking to other resources, not replacing what Jack W. or others are doing. I find the old link to Samantha's pictures of the Haydenovskaya prototype is not working (it was at msn.co.uk). Does anyone know if this page is still out there and what the address is? Thanks.

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Samantha (apologies to all for doing this business here, but its faster!), maybe you can pick out two or three that complement the ones in Chris Timson's review (action? reeds?) and I'll include them. I think you can just send them to me through the Email here on the forum.


If anyone else has suggestions for things to include in new sections of the Buyer's Guide, let me know. I'm sure you'll have more ideas after I put the drafts up. In particular, I'd love to have some more photos of English system concertinas. We don't have any of the top-end models yet. ^_^

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