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How About An Mp3 Store Here?

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How do you delete a double posting?

I don't think it's possible on this board, just edit the duplicate and post a witty quip about how crap you are with computers 'n' stuff. Gets 'em every time. :ph34r: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I'm a little sneakier; I've used the report button, and ask our moderators to cover up my ineptitude, and they delete it quietly. :ph34r: :rolleyes: I thought i was the only one to do that. :huh:



Leo :lol:

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If I could blame the drink myself, Leo, I would ..... except I don't drink! :(


Thanks for the tip though, I've tried that.




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Anyone who is familiar with the Banjo Hangout & the Fiddle Hangout sites, will know that members there can actually download MP3s of their own playing, onto their own members page, where other members can access them.


They also have a wonderful "Jukebox" there, which you can visit & listen to a stream of members MP3s, as you browse the site, forums etc.


So I'm wondering if these options have ever been considered for this site?


Would it actually be possible to add these functions to this site?


If so, would members here like the opportunity of being able to download MP3s of their own playing for other members to check out and would you also enjoy being able to listen to the playing of other members here?


Can you imagine how this might liven up discussions here?


Wouldn't it be great to be able to post an MP3 to back up what you were discussing?


Those Midi Files that we have here are OK in an academic sort of way, I suppose, but you have to admit, there's no pleasure in listening to them, is there?





I've yet to read over this whole entire thread, but I've read the first and a few other posts. Anyway, first of all...


It IS possible to upload an MP3 file with a post. You must scroll down after typing your message (before actually posting it) and see the 'Choose File' section, upload, etc.. Of course, there's a limit to the total amount of uploaded things, per person, and there's also no easy way to 'tag' or reference the upload. Anyway -- maybe that's all very obvious, but I just thought I'd mention it.


Personally, I like using box.net, though to get the level one-up from 'free' does cost something, and it's WAY more space than I need, all by myself. But, it is convenient. You can post links to your MP3s, either directly or to the web address. (I'm not totally sure about hidden/embedded sound files (that don't show the player), using box.net.)


As for the MIDI files in the Tune-O-Tron, well, they at least serve their purpose, and I've had some fun with at least two of my own by converting them to MP3s and editing them this way and that. I can't remember if I used Audacity and edited them as MP3s, or if I opened the MIDIs with Noteworthy Composer and edited them there... I think I used Noteworthy, first.


But, here's a funny story, regarding concertina players and MP3s...


I posted recently about the site my daughter does some work for, and where I have my own page. Well, it seems that we concertina players are in a class all our own, which is, thus far, labeled 'experimental.'


I wrote some songs, and I play them with the concertina and I sing my own lyrics. I'm a girl, so... category is 'singer-songwriter/female,' right? Wrong. I'm supposed to put my stuff under 'experimental,' because, well... you know... it's got concertina!!! :lol: I'd thought 'experimental' was reserved for the accordion players -- they'd try them there and see if the site stayed in business, heheh.


Well, anyway, some of my stuff, I do consider experimental, because of something strange with the musical composition. So, I guess I don't mind the distinction (though, presently, I still have some things in the 'singer-songwriter' category).


But, maybe Henk's page is the place to be, for concertina players!

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Awesome playing.

Glad you liked it. 3.gif

Now I want Anglo and I want to play like you.

Well, you can't have mine! 16.gif

But wait, didn't you use a fair amount of reverb in the recordings?

I especially liked that wonderful round accordion sound of yuor instrument ....

No, I was actually sitting in a cardboard box, in the middle of a forest, when I recorded that track, so it was all perfectly natural .... honest! :D



WHen I get tired of squeezing, but I still need more practice, I go sit halfway up the steps in my stairwell. Those plaster and concrete walls and high ceiling make it reverberate like a small cathedral -- and I get really inspired to keep playing! Dull tunes, sloppy fingering, mistimed bellows reversals -- all are forgiven and it sounds like a band of six Jody Kruskals :P


OF course it's also pretty LOUD and your ears can get tired :blink:

--Mike K.

PS: You can't even uplaod MIDI files, so I gave a link to my web page instead, on a post over in Tuens and SOngs.

Edited by ragtimer

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