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Personifying The Concertina

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I have an old LP of Mike Harding, where he refers to his bass anglo as "this instrument of pleasure I have between my legs." :lol:

I asked Mike about this unusual single action metal ended contrabass concertina, and he told me that the metal ends were made from metal kick-plates from a door! My Wheatstone is called Charlie, or Sir Charles if I have had a particularly good practice session. B)

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I'm terrible for giving names to almost everything I value - cars, tools, you name it.


My latest squeeze is known as 'Georgina' ( allegedly a Geo. Case).






Easter Greetings to all!



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I have been known (luckily not outside of my home......until now) to have called my first instrument, a 48 Key late Wheatstone,






I think I have caught myself calling my Baritone


"BIG BRUTUS" or just plain




Have fun,

Perry Werner

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Very unoriginal, but I sometimes think of mine as "Squeezy". This mostly happens on the way to bed, in the folowing order - Goodnight boys ( the budgies), goodnight girls (the degus - gerbil like creatures!), goodnight Morris (the chincilla), goodnight Squeezy.

I also tend to think of my concertina as feminine. Don't know why!



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We have just received a new cooker. It has taken a few weeks to prepare for it with moving wires etc to meet the fitting instructions, but it now stands proudly in our kitchen. My wife however had a few choice names for our six English Setters and one in particular who ate (completely) every button that was on it.

Goodnight babies.


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