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Happy Saint Patrick's Day - And Also Happy Birthday To Me!

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I hope everyone has a wonderful St. Paddy's Day and if you're having one, have one for me! I'll be enjoying The Clare Set today - a wonderful gift from my wife.

Well, Happy Birthday, Marcus!


Happy St. Patrick's Day


And maybe I should also say


Merry Christmas


Out my window I see a marvelous snowstorm,

which looks like it may drop more than we had all winter.


Looks lovely, even though I have to go catch a bus. :o

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I'll answer you and Chris and more in the same response - I have time for it, since heavy winds and snow and dropping temperatures stopped me from driving to a St.Patrick's session in Elsingborg,...

We missed you, Henrik.

The turnout of both musicians and "audience" was light, probably because the snowfall was not light, and with blustery winds, as well. Even the ferry was running significantly late, and the snow just stopped a short while ago, after about 16 hours of steady fall. Unfortunately (in my opinion), it's all going to melt pretty quickly.

But we did all enjoy ourselves, and I'm glad that Henrik has kept himself safe for the next time we meet.

(Coming to the SSI this year, Henrik?)
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