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Concertina Sessions @ Gosport/fareham Easter Festival

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Dear Everyone,


Concertina sessions at the Gosport & Fareham Easter Festival



The Spare Parts Concertina Band (Bryan Creer, Suzanne Higgins, Valmai Goodyear) is running a couple of part-playing sessions for concertinas on Friday 21st. March at 5.15 pm and at 11.00 a.m. on Saturday 22nd. March, both in the Lysses House Hotel, High Street, Fareham, Hampshire, UK. Admission is free for festival ticket holders, but non-ticket holders may need to pay a modest fee.


If you'd like the music in advance, please send me an SAE so that I can post it to you. I should also be able to send it in midi form, in Noteworthy Composer, and as pdfs.


All the best,


Valmai Goodyear

20, St. John's Terrace, Lewes, BN7 2DL


01273 476757


Lewes Arms Folk Club, Mount Place, Lewes, East Sussex BN7 1YH


Residents: Bryan Creer, Dave Earl, Sandra Goddard, Valmai Goodyear, Suzanne Higgins, Steve & Diane Nevill, George Oakley, Robert O'Mahony, Derek Seed



The workshops last a full Saturday and the tutor performs at the club in the evening.

Booking forms can be printed from the website about four months before the event.


15th March Alistair Anderson Northumbrian music (any instrument) FULLY BOOKED BUT WAITING LIST BEING KEPT & EVENING TICKETS AVAILABLE

19th April Martin Carthy Guitar & song (12 places only)

7th June Cloudstreet Vocal harmony

5th. July Will Duke Scan Tester's tunes

19th July Mick West Scottish song

19th July Frank McLaughlin Scottish music for guitar

6th. Sept Marian Button Ballad forum

20th Sept Mary Humphreys & Anahata Fenland tunes (any instrument)

18th Oct John Kirkpatrick Modes (any instrument)

25th Oct Coope Boyes & Simpson Vocal harmony

25th Oct Georgina Boyes Seminar: Wassails, Carols & Winter Customs (pm)

22nd Nov Roy Clinging & Neil Brookes Cheshire tunes (any instrument)

6th Dec Paul Hutchinson Accordion

6th Dec Paul Sartin Fiddle

Belshazzar's Feast (evening)



Bryan Creer, Suzanne Higgins, Valmai Goodyear

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Hi Valmai,


This is wonderful! Fareham is one of my favourite festivals and now it has got better! If you were able to send me music as pdf files that would be great. (I will email you seperately).


all the best and see you there :-)



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Peter, I've just sent you pdfs of four of the arrangements we plan to use: the tunes are Black Nag, Portsmouth, I'll Touzel Yer Kurchy (Jackson) and The Britches (adaptation of the Irish tune Britches Full Of Stitches). There will be another couple of tunes, but these should be something to start on. Let me know if they don't arrive or appear mangled when they reach you.


We'll follow our usual policy of doing three tunes in each session, and they will be different in each session.


All the best,



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And I've just sent them as midis as well. The last two arrangements are under construction - one is Windshields Hornpipe, but I don't know what the other will be. Each member of the band contributes two tunes and surprises the others with them.


If they haven't reached you, let me know. It may be that I'm not using the right email address, in which case let me know which one I should use.



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