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Lachenal 32 Key Anglo C/g For Sale

malcolm clapp

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I am soon to put the above restored and very playable concertina on eBay.


However I am making it available to readers of this list at a price of Australian $2,600 including postage worldwide. (Insurance extra if required). That is about US$2,100 or UK 1,100 pounds.


The instrument has metal ends on ebonised rails, bone buttons, new pads, valves and straps, steel reeds are in A:440 pitch, and it is numbered 173455. Bellows are new 7 fold all black leather by Richard Evans with original gold tooling on the frames retained.


The ebony work has a few dings and scratches, but nothing too serious. The plating shows perhaps 10% wear overall. However I don't consider either to be sufficiently bad to justify attention at this stage. There are no cracks or warping in the action board or reed pans. The reeds have had some surface rust removed, but are sound in profile and shape, producing good tone and volume. Buttons protrude approximately a quarter inch at rest and depress one eighth of an inch, are level across the keyboard and show little wear.


Sorry, no case.... :( ....and if there was, it probably wouldn't fit with the new bellows!


Any one interested please email me for photos and further information.


Thanks for looking.



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