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I've Been Cheating On My Concertina.

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I am a sinner. I am a cheater. I know these things.


Please pray for my wretched soul while I try, Lord, while I try not to be so polygamous.


But it's so much fun! 79 degrees farenheit today in North Texas. I am cutting out of work early to service both of my loves.


Or the heck with it. Maybe a pub patio to write poems and contemplate my infidelity. And drink a beer or ten.

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Our Polkabeast is clearly at that dangerous stage where the next thing that happens is he leaves the 'box in it's box permanently, and another potential concertina player is lost to us. Not only that but he'll have to go and join a melodion chatroom or something. The consequences are appalling, in short.


Someone had to warn him.



I see what you mean...


Maybe it's a matter of age. Look at it this way: I've been playing each of my 4 main instruments longer than a lot of monogamous instrumentalists have been playing their one. And, gee, I'm only a singer, so nobody expects me to be an instrumental virtuoso!

I attract musical instruments like a dog attracts fleas - and did you ever see a dog getting rid of his old fleas when he attracted new ones? ;-)

Maybe our Polkabeast is of the same stuff as I am - maybe he'll swell the numbers of concertinists AND autoharpers (as I myself have done).

However, the thought of him succumbing to the enticements of the melodion is a sobering one.

Yes, you did well to warn him!





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