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What Is The Name Of This Tune?


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I learned it in Scotland and I would like to find the sheet music for it before I teach someone else to play it (it might be that I have made it "my own" since I learned it by ear from a mandolin player years ago....) Does anyone know the name of it??


Here's a link to a Youtube video I just added so you can hear the tune: tune on concertina by Ragnhild

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It sounds like a version of "The Glasgow Reel" also known as "Tam Lin", Ragnhild.



YESSSSSSSSSS that is right!!! THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH!! Wonderful!!!


There's another tune also... that I learned from a tall woman called Mandy who played it on the whistle. The recording is cut a bit bad, so The A-part is only played once and then comes the B-part twice.


Another concertina tune by Ragnhild


I would be delighted if anyone know the name of this tune!!!

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While we're at it, anyone recognize this one? I learned it at the Northeast Squeeze-In a couple years ago from a young lady from Montreal named Danielle, hence the temporary title I gave it. Danielle didn't know trhe name either.


Here's the abc:



T:Danielle's Crooked Tune











The long notes may be a beat too short.


Plug it in at the Tune-o-Tron to see or hear the music.

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