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I Played Something In F Last Night


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Cheers, Peter. Obviously seeing you playing across the rows like that was something of an inspiration. ;)


On balance, I'm not entirely sure it was in F at all. I started playing the thing on the C row but it was too low for my voice. But it was in the "pull" major key on the C row, which would be a G with a flatted 7th. So..... I tried in on the G row, reaching across to the C row for the lower notes, but it was a fraction too high. That would have made it in "pull" D. So..... taking it down a tone would mean it was back in C again. Hang on, that can't be right. :D


OK, the low note in the chord on the left hand was a "pull" on the accidental row on the lowest note.... so that makes it (checks fingering chart)... er... actually it was an F all along. Unless the low note wasn't the tonic of the chord. It's a minefield, I tells ya. So that means I wasn't taking it a tone down, I was taking it a flatted third up, but singing it an octave lower. Hang on again, that's what it would have been in F all along. (Compared to playing it on the C row) :blink: *


Anyway, it was an attempt at "Gypsy laddie" to the same tune as on the John Kirkpatrick/Sue Harris album Shreds & patches (but without the skill). Not sure I'd be able to play it again anyway. :lol:


* See everyone? This is what happens when English anglo players think about what they're doing too much.

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i am starting on "F" tunes because i wish to gain ease with the "flat keys" often favored by irish players in county clare....F, C, G minor. etc.....wonderful concertina records for F tunes are Kitty Hayes' solo record, "A Touch of Clare," plus her record with piper Peter Laban, "They'll Be Good Yet." Also recorded in "flat keys," including tons of F tunes, are the solo cd of Clare music by Gearoid OHallmhorain, plus his duo record with fiddler Patrick Ourceau titled "Tracin'." I believe Gearoid recorded his two "flat" cds using a bflat-f concertina, but believe Kitty Hayes is using a C/G on her cds, and that is what I am trying to do, learn to play "low" on a c/g.....i only just learned my first F set, namely, the first set of reels on Kitty Hayes' solo CD, "A Touch of Clare," i.e., "Touch Me If You Dare," paired with a composition by the late Paddy O'Brien of Tipperary titled "St. Patricks Night." these tunes are usually G tunes, but they are so lovely in F!

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