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Music From "master And Commander"

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I know the tune "Sir Sydney Smith's March and have to say it's a great tune. I've just finished reading Master & Commander by O'Brien (not at all like the movie), and Sir Sydney Smith is mentioned towards the end of the book. No background on him, though. Anyone?



Bit of a maverick, Sir William Sydney Smith 1764-1840 . Eventually an Admiral Napoleon said ' that man made me miss my destiny'

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Rights of Man was composed in honour of Tom Payne's book, which was published just after the French revolution.

Salamanca reel commemorates the battle so is about the right era - possibly a few years later.

Speed the Plough was composed in 1799.

Would Beggars Opera still be in the public conciousness by that time?

Speeded up 17th century hymn tunes would probably also fit the bill.

And Trad. songs from anywhere around the British coast where the press gang might have been operating ( Cadgwith Anthem comes to mind)

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"...lesser of two weevils..."


Yah, O'Brian was so enamoured of this joke that he managed to bring it up in most of the subsequent novels.


There was another about the dog watch being so-called because it was "..curtailed..."

Never heard the end of that one, either.


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I don't mean to be rude but you know LDT revived this thread from 2004.... John, your suggestions might be four years too late for the concert....

My goodness, so she did! :o


Well, if the concert was a success, maybe they'll be asked to do it again ... :lol:




I revived the thread..coz I was interested in what music was in the film.



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