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Concertina Connection Is Relocating To The Usa

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Mr. Wakker,


How does this affect someone in the US who is interested in ordering a new Jack? Should we continue to go thru your US dealers or order direct from you now?


Thanks much from a soon-to-be new concertina player!


Scott Baumann

Sun Prairie, WI


Whatever you prefer…you can order one from a dealer near you, or direct from us. Price and service is/should be the same. We’re just another dealer in the north-west.


Wim Wakker

Concertina Connection

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Dear Wim,


I hope that you'll be half as happy moving to Washington as my Father was moving from Rotterdam to San Francisco back in 1950. Washington is a wondrous place though I think you may have trouble finding "green herring".


Be sure to look up David Daye in Langley, Washington -- his innovations have helped the recent Uilleann Pipe revival. His website is:




Again, Welcome to the USA,


Henri van Wandelen, Jr.

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No. 0878 will be the first one with the Valleyford, WA label.




I wish you all the best in Washington, I guess that you did not make the move to be closer to the nice woods from Canada that could be used for making reed pans. Allow me one question. I know at least one serial number of an anglo concertina you recently built was 776. Could it be that No. 0778 will be the first one with the Valleyford WA label in stead of No. 0878?



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We’re aware of the beauty of Washington… Actually, that is one of the reasons to move back: nature. We were lucky enough to be able to find a house on 5 acres of pristine woodland just minutes away from Spokane…it will be the perfect place to build our concertinas…


We have pretty strong ties with the Spokane area.. Karen was born and raised there, and we lived in the valley during the 80s after we were married.



Marien: the first 2 digits of our serial numbers are for the year the instrument was made. 0777 was the last one in 2007, 0878 will be the first one in 2008. If only Lachenal would have used a numbering system like this, it would have been a lot easier to date their instruments….




P.S. I hope you like 0776

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Cheer up Europe, you still have Suttner, Dipper and Wheatstone

And Norman and Marcus and Connor and Holmwood... But Wim is unique in the breadth of of his ambition, trying (and largely succeeding) to cater for all levels.




I will grant that, but ultimately, as long as all levels are covered, then does it really matter much? The makers we have listed have the top two tiers covered, the remaining tier, covered by the Jackie and Rochelle would, I think, be little impacted by the move. After all, those instruments are imported to Europe in the first place.


Admittedly, I might be a little selfish, but considering the current Euro/dollar exchange rate, I am glad of the move. I might have to pick up one of his clover Anglos at some point (when they are ready) or ultimately, one of his high end instruments (when I have the money :)).




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  • 1 month later...

We’re back in business…..

Although there is still a lot of painting and other odd jobs to do, and our ‘shop’ is still somewhere on the ocean, we’ve started again with the distribution of the Jackie/jack and Rochelle models, as well as restorations.

I won’t be able to update our site for another month… the computer with the necessary software is also in the container.


We can be reached through the email addresses on our site. If you sent us an email in February and did not get a reply, please try again..


Wim Wakker

Concertina Connection

Valleyford, WA

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