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Warped Reed Pan

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good point about the shaping of the beam section, what we used to call 'fish-belly' beams.


as to removing the inner grid of chamber walls, careful you don't know what stresses you may release.


I think that the purpose of the stiffening webs, beams, is to hold a 'trued-up' pan true. I think that the issue is to 'flatten' the pan as much as possible first, then use this idea to finish the job off and to lock it flat.




I cannot comment on the sound, as you can see from the finger residue, these have been fitted for may years and I don't want to undo them unless I have to.


Dave E

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all things are relative!

Indeed they are... and relative to most other parts in a concertina, those beams are "big". ;)

Actually, consider the pinkie and forefinger, of either hand . The pinkie is more often than not,

referred to as the little finger. It is about 3/4 size of the larger forefinger. It's the same relative relationship

between the reed pan beam and a larger beam more often referred to as the handle.


Seems reasonable to me.


:-I Joe

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