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Wha'd You Get?

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quote name='Animaterra' date='Dec 27 2007, 10:09 AM' post='65101']


Anyone who was at this year's NESI will remember the passage in question, recited at the Saturday concert by our own Fiddlerjoebob. Magnificent!




With regards,

I subscribe myself,

your much obliged and ob't serv't



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A CD, 'Great Irish Pub Songs,' and 30 or so more gospel hymnals. (Do I live a double life?)


The songbooks were my own idea -- I couldn't think of much that I wanted, but we needed more books for the hymn-sings that I've been playing at, along with an accordion and a harmonica player.


The CD, my husband said was 'a joke,' but I think it's great, I can play along with it and then I'll know more pub stuff if I go out to the next NESI!


Really, the most outstanding thing I received was a handmade sweater/bolero from my daughter.

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I realised too late that I should have announced the creation of a sinking fund for the next duet and collected money instead of (mostly gratuitously fattening) gifts. That would (after some creative accounting) side step the current dilemma; whether I can bear to get rid of a beloved instrument to get an even better one.


I only thought of it AFTER everyone had finished pestering me for present suggestions. Slow.

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£180 speeding fine ...

Not nice! :(


... and this to squeeze !

Nice, but I don't recommend squeezin' 'em - them's got claws and teeth! :blink:


Mine's a good bit older and seems to think she's a music critic; at least she always leaves the room if I start playing a concertina... :unsure:


The nice thing about Bonzo - the Clown. (cat) Is that he DOSEN'T leave the room when I start to play. Rather that he doesn't seem to care.


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It has just occurred to me to ask another question (what took me/us so long?):

What did you



Good Point Jim.


Here is what the players at our session gave one of our own members last year. It's a two page story from Vermont Life, a fine local quarterly. It's a touching story. There is plenty of resolution in the photos to read the text if you can get the photo to show large enough on your screen.


Its hard to top that kind of thing every year...








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The nice thing about Bonzo - the Clown. (cat) Is that he DOSEN'T leave the room when I start to play. Rather that he doesn't seem to care.



In that case you may have named him wisely, as clowns have long loved concertinas. I'm hoping to get JoJo's as my New Year's present (to myself):




But have you considered that he may have hearing problems... ;)

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This guy seems to have had a very good Christmas



How funny, I thought about posting about my Christmas luck when I saw this thread, but it seems it's been done for me already :)


The really strange thing is, it wasn't even a planned gift. My dad just brought it out to see if I knew what it was since I'm the only folk musician in the family, and since I recognized what it was and began drooling immediately, it was given to me. A good Christmas indeed.


After finding out what it really was I tried to explain to my dad and stepmom about how valuable it is, but they didn't believe me. They're convinced that it isn't worth all that much and that they wouldn't have gotten much for it on eBay. Oh well, in their case ignorance is bliss I think :) But they said they would rather keep it in the family with someone who would play it anyway, no matter what it's worth.

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Still giving gifts as the season is not ended and the Epiphany gifts still need to be given the kids. The gifts to Family filled four boxes and was well recieved by all who we sent to (which was all the immediate family). We have a few other gifts to give and some food items we where given and won't use so will find some students or other folks for that before the season ends.


But than again alot of english speakers seem to have forgotten the true lenght or reason for the season and well... ...their loss.




Keep Christ in Christmas

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