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Jim Wright

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I've been checking out the tunes in the Tune-O-Tron and while playing "Cabbage"

by Jim Lucas, it suddenly dawned on me what he had done; Check out the first 7 notes. As if the tune itself wasn't entertaining enough,like a box of cracker jacks I found a toy surprise inside!!!!!!!! "Crackerjack tune with a toy surprise" "Bravo Jim"

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In the early 1900's, the man who eventually became the national music director for the country of Brazil Villa Lobos used to do stuff like that. He composed a piece about a city there or something,and the way he did it was to take graph paper and assign notes on the Y axis and note length on the X or something like that and then he took a picture of the skyline of the city and traced it on the graph and that was what he used for his melody. I tried it one time and what I got back was wierd. Anyway I got a real kick out of "cabbage" and just had to say something.

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As it happens, my father was Heitor Villa Lobos' ophthalmologist (in New York City). I have played his music on both the cello and classical guitar.

HVL's, or your father's? ;)


I have done Bachiana Brasilera No. 5 in Villa Lobos' arrangement for guitar (rather than many cellos) and soprano, with the guitar straight up, but me playing the soprano's part on treble English concertina. It works beautifully.

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