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Wanted, High End Anglo Concertina


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Hi i would like to buy a good quality anglo concertina. i would like raised metal ends with steel buttons, proper concertina steel reeds and in excelent platying condition. Basicaslly i`m after a dipper, a high end o`connor a wheatstone or a jefferies. I can trade in cash or, have a full set of Uilleann pipes in D by seth Gallegher. The pipes are in ebony and nickel silver with all keys on the chanter/regulators in sterling silver. The chanter has 2 keys and the pipes play superbly.

The waiting list for a set of seth pipes is approx 4 years and would set you back $9,200 + about $1600 import duty if you were in the uk

I am uk based and would prefer to sell/swap within the uk.



seths website <a href="http://www.uilleann.com/" target="_blank">http://www.uilleann.com/</a>



Alternativly, i will sell the pipes for £4,000 and then take a trip upto barleycorn concertinas to spend it!

Contact me by e-mail




I also have a couple of banjo`s i never play, i can trade.


1 Vega little wonder 19 fret tenor in mint condition. Part ex price or straight sale £500


2 Rob Aylward left handed 5 string banjo. Whyte ladie tone ring, ebony fretboard with abalone and turquoise inlays, maple neck and pot. i had it especially made about 10 years ago at a cost of £1200. his waiting list is now 3 years and as to price ???? £800


oh, and i also have a 1995 peter hunter concert widebore chanter, with 4 keys in ebony and brass. This is a very loud rich toned chanter. An equivilant now would cost upwards of £900. Yours for £700








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Hi Neill


I'm not sure if this is of interest, but I have a Wheatstone C/G anglo with 48 keys available, however it doesn't have metal ends. It is fully overhauled with new pads, valves, straps, tuning and has ebony ends, metal buttons and 8 fold bellows. It is in excellent condition with its original case. The absence of metal ends does not affect its power and volume, which is equal to a Jeffries and it has the extra button capacity built around a standard Wheatstone 30 key layout. It is numbered 28493 and listed as a "special" order for a Mr Atkins, according to the Horniman Museum Wheatstone sales ledger archive. It was completed July 28th, 1920, which apparently puts it in the top period of quality Wheatstone anglos. Size is slightly larger than normal, about 6 3/4 inches across the end and weight is only 3 ounces more than my 39 key Jefferies. According to Chris Algar it has the normal centre section for playing Irish music (I'm an English style player, so bow to his knowledge), but the wide range of further notes and especially the 3 extra-low notes give it enormous versatility. He rated it "a top quality anglo but also a piece of history with unique character." I'd be prepared to part with it for £4000, but not for anything less, I'm afraid! If you do want a C. Jeffries and nothing else will do, I'd consider selling my 39 key C/G, which is fully restored (bellows, pads, valves, tuning, etc) and the equal of any instrument you will find... but I'm afraid it will be a lot more than £4000, bearing in mind a much inferior one sold recently for £5300 odd! I think that figure was a bit silly, but nevertheless I'd need a very good offer to tempt me. I live in Devon and would be pleased to meet you for a sale if you wished. I am about to sell one of these two, or my Dipper G/D bass anglo to cover my recent purchase of a Dipper Baritone!!, so give me a call. Regards, Tony (cnet doodle)

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ah the Uilleann pipes, who among you cannot say they dream of being a Uilleann pipe player?


of all the pipes I ahev heard, I like the Uilleann the best, but alas I'm a strummer, peasant lutes are my forte. Good luck findign that box, with capital like that you ought to be able to find avery nice tina indeed.

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Me. I don't dream of that ever. You can have mine. Completely overused in film music and a complete cliche. Fed up with the things. I could cope with cumbrian ones but my fingers don't fit.


What a good thing I took up an instrument where covering two buttons with one finger is a routine playing technique.

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