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What's Your Squeeze Of Choice?


What's your system of choice?  

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This has probably been done before, but I thought it'd be interesting to take a current snapshot of what system(s) posters play. I've made it multiple choice*, just in case people can't make their minds up what their favourite is.


I'm an Anglo-ist, having played the melodeon since the age of 12 or 13. I had a go on an English once, but couldn't make head nor tail of it. :unsure:


* or least I think I have -- this is the first poll I've attempted on here. :huh:

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* or least I think I have -- this is the first poll I've attempted on here. :huh:

By "multiple choice", do you mean that one can select multiple answers? That's not the usual meaning of "multiple choice" where I come from, but it seems to be what you've done. Nice. I didn't know one could do that.


I've marked all four categories. While I play English more than any other, I choose to play them all, even a couple that I don't have available -- Wheatstone's Double, and the Linton system -- but would choose to play if I could get my hands on them.


If you wanted me to restrict myself to instruments I currently have available to play, I would still check the fourth category on the basis of my Pitt-Taylor duet. Strictly speaking, it is a "duet", but it has an unusual -- unique, I believe -- keyboard layout, and you have unfortunately not distinguished among the different duet systems. (To a duet player, I think that's not much different from allowing only two choices... "anglo", and "non-anglo". :()

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My first choice and, in fact, the remaining top ten choices weren't on the list (being as they are some of the various and sundry portions of the feminine anatomy).

However, within the context of musical instruments I have listed the only kind of sqeezable instrument that I have.

I suppose that would be my favorite, by default.

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After 30 years I still haven't decided whether I prefer English or Anglo so play them both..........but LOVE my A / D/ G melodeon.



*impressed* Can you switch from one to the other in the same session? That would do my head in, I'm sure.


(I've got an A/D/G box too, btw -- Corona II, had it since I was 13/14).

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