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Edeophone Scam

david robertson

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Don't even think about bidding onthis Edeophone. The pictures and the description have been ripped off from my original listing in September of this year. The concertina is currently in Australia, with a very happy new owner.


Hi David,


That is my Edeophone and yes it is still "In the Land Downunder". Notice that the seller has not quoted the SN.


Sadly there are currently seven people bidding for it. Ebay should have stopped it by now.





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Still there, but I have reported it as well. :angry:


I bid £7,000. That should preempt other bids, I'd imagine.

In any case, the scam having been reported, EBay will probably remove the auction.

And if it goes through I can always claim that I meant to bid only £700.

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Hi there.


Having popped a bid on this super looking 'tina, I thought that I would wander over to these fine pages to see what was new.


It would appear just as well that I did!


Though having emailed the seller earlier he has sent me some very nice pictures of the the reed pans etc.


Sadly he declined to make me a video so that I may hear the tones.


Though he did ask if I was interested in a quick cash sale.


The serial number from the outside label reads 48877 with this number being repeated on the inside.


I only hope eBay pulls it soon as my bid was quickly surpassed probably by someone who may not have the benefit of this site.

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I would imagine your bid was outdone by cocusflute so I wouldn't worry too much unless you bid 8 grand and were outbid ... :o


Assuming that Cocusflute is the current high bidder at £4100, the distressing thing from my point of view is that someone out there was prepared to bid £4000. Given that I sold it for £1500, I'm starting to feel a little hard done by! Of course, it may just be that someone else from this fine community has also put on a silly bid!


The serious point is that the listing is still there more than 36 hours after at least two people have told eBay that it's a scam. Really disgraceful.

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A couple of us should bid really high- over £100,000. Push it insanely. Make it clear that this is a scam.

Then perhaps Ebay will get serious regarding the scammer.

But how did the scammer get pictures of the reed pan?

I'd love to read what the scammer's responses have been.

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No reply to my request for a private viewing. :(


He did answer my request for a private viewing and sent me pictures of the reed pans:




i have attached alot of pictures to see it.


i will prefer to send you the concertina.


also are you interested in a quick sale?

please let me know!



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