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Stolen Concertina, Nottingham Uk

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Found this on Mudcat and thought others here might be of help - Tom


My son's motor caravan was stolen on Tuesday night, with his concertina inside it. The thieves abandoned the van and set fire to it, but evidence suggests that they removed the concertina first.

The concertina was a Lachenal 48-key treble English, in its original hexagonal box. It had rosewood ends, metal buttons, and steel reeds. It had been re-tuned to concert pitch. We can't remember for sure how many folds the bellows had, but from a somewhat indistinct picture we think it was 5. Within the folds were papers with an ornate green pattern. Distinguishing features are that it had one black thumbstrap and one brown, and a brass thing which looked like an electrical terminal which I believe was for attaching a music holder. There was a hole drilled in the bottom of the box near the centre.

I would be grateful if anyone who sees a concertina like this for sale would contact Carlton police station, Nottingham, on 0115 9670999, and tell them it may have been removed from stolen and abandoned motor caravan E405 CTV.

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