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Wordings On Ebay Auctions Of Concertinas

Ivan Viehoff

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I observe the following wording or similar frequently occurring on the ebay auctions of not just a certain well known concertina dealer, but many other frequent sellers of objects of value.


"As with all my instruments-they are available elsewhere-and often with this class of concertina I get asked to sell it out of auction. I never withdraw anything which has bids on, so if you are seriously interested , put a bid on early."


I put something for sale on ebay last week, my first ever sale, not a concertina, and thought it would be appropriate to use an equivalent wording for this particular object. After a few days Ebay terminated the auction, pointing precisely to those words, citing their rules on ebay fee avoidance. Not a good start for my first ever sale. Perhaps they looked at it carefully because it was my first sale.

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Very strange. I have seen those words, or similar, on a lot of auctions. If anything, I would say it encourages people to put an early bid in, rather than wait until the end, when it might have gone. It looks as if eBay interpret it as "get in touch - I might sell it privately".


As you say, it might be the fact that it was your first auction which went against you, but it will be interesting to see if cocoa111 still uses the phrase in future.

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The statement implies that a withdrawal of the item may take place as long as there are no bids. There used to be a time that it was very easy to do so. It seems that Ebay has been changing this policy. There maybe an agreement with a seller that allows him to place this kind of remarks. The seller may have claimed to be allowed to continue the usual statement, or there may be an explicit agreement about this may be older than these policy changes by ebay. (bladiblabla)


What does ebay answer if you ask them why you are not allowed to use this statement while others may?

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